Photography & Graphic Design


Jane Szwykowska


I like experiments.

I’m some kind of collector. I collect photos, ads, newspapers, sometimes only slogans, pictures, even leaflets. I put them all together in a box, and after some time, there is quite a treasure hunt.

I made few short films, clips and movies. With cooperation of friends I also made an documentary movie with parts of animation, but I don’t have enough space to put them in here.

Posters are another fun. I make them for everyone who needs a poster for anything.

I had few international exhibitions with my works, in London and Barcelona, in Warsaw and now I’m preparing for NYC.

I want to be a creative director in an advertising company one day. Maybe something more. Like Don Draper.

Art just turns me on, you know.


Barcelona Showcase 2013 at Global Art Agency - Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain
Dalkia: Ciepło o Warszawie at Niespodzianka, Warsaw, Poland
Art Below - Modern art exhibition at Gallery Different, London, UK